Underground prince's new pet: gay fantasy romance


Greed--An inordinate desire to acquire or possess more than one needs 

Dezi was well accustomed to what the palace looked like on the outside--tall, apart, superior, and untouchable. 
Like most people from the bottom of society, he had never even dreamed of a day that he would witness the glory within.
But one day, the impossible suddenly fell upon him; he was brought into the palace and asked to be the pet of an expressionless and peculiar prince. 
After the initial anger, Dezi slowly realized how easy it was for him to obtain money from the prince with the least amount of effort. Accomplishments, women, and status had never come so easily to him.
When Dezi realized that the prince, who would listen to everything he said, was a rightful heir to the crown, his greed swelled like never before. 
However, Dezi only saw the palace shining like a gold mine in the sunlight. He didn’t know that it also buried calamity, hatred, and treachery in the shadows. Behind the prince’s oddity lay the deepest and ugliest secret of the royal family. 
As the battle for the crown intensified, dark, sinister clouds gathered above this splendid resident. 
What will happen to Dezi, who had got lost in the illusion of his ego?
Will he ever turn around and really look into the affection in the prince’s eyes?

Main plot - Gay Romance/Character development.
Notes: Fantasy historical universe. Magical elements. Dragons. Suspense. Anti-hero. Twisted and abusive romance. 
Warning: Dark and disturbing backstories. Contains minor m/f sex theme. 

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