Working Title     

Working Title is a dedication to the daily disenfranchised, the everyday unseen, and the mentally erased. This book is proof that if you pay attention, with your eyes, heart, and ears, you will find everyone has a story to tell with lessons to teach. For the past two years, I’ve devoted my time and energy in observing Matthew Colmes. Every day, Matt endures a myriad of ghostly projections, mysterious phone calls, and ominous dreams, making reality a daily struggle for the fiction writer. His only escape comes through the woman he loves, his friends who may or may not be real, and his attempts in writing. But with no title to his book and the looming uncertainty of his own identity, Matt Colmes is the epitome of a working title. Through his struggles to find the perfect story, Matt’s life quickly becomes the bestselling novel he always wished he could write. Embark in this original, psychological thriller that will leave you with a new perspective on the constraints of reality.

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