5 Habits of Godly Resilient Women


Life is filled with so many challenges — some big, some small, some quite impactful — that it makes us feel powerless and unable to carry on. But imagine what your life would be like if you could always stand firm in the face of adversity. What if life's challenges come and you are no longer overwhelmed, anxious, afraid, or unable to cope? You don't have to imagine it any longer. I'm here to teach you that — It's possible. Within this book are five habits that have the potential to change your life. No longer do you have to live a life filled with worry, stress, and anxiety. You can learn the habits that can empower you to make strength a lifestyle. You will be equipped to live every day with purpose and to your full potential. Habits are not easy to form, but if you are committed to the process and have a willing heart, then you can make this journey to become a new you — A STRONG WOMAN OF GOD.

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