Face Your Foe On Confronting The Critics


They are self righteous, critical, and out for blood, the naysayers that Jesus warned about who hated him will hate you too. In this spiritual self improvement book on confronting the critics, inspirational speaker and author Nicholl McGuire provides wisdom on discerning whether you have a friend or foe in your circle. She shares personal perspective based on biblical scriptures about foes and gives specific details about the people you might encounter such as: the double-minded, fool, rebel, and tempter. There is much advice in this guide on how to deal with confrontation, not just with those of faith, but unbelieving relatives and friends. The certified Sunday School teacher covers a variety of topics to encourage you to not only face your foe but the issues that keep one emotionally and mentally bound to them as well.

- Learn more about wayward believers before you confront them.
- Know what reactions you might receive when you are ready to confront an enemy.
- Overcome worry and fear that keep you from addressing issues.
- Think ahead of your foe.
- Be prepared for what an insulted critic might do to hurt you.
- Read scriptures to enlighten.

This easy read will empower you to stand up to critics! In this book, you will discover how heated confrontations unveil what your foe's true intentions, emotions, and plans really are! Your foes don't want you to know the truth. This is why they hide, lie, blame, ridicule, and do other things to keep you from confronting them.