Jear Inhale In Hell: The real reason people breathe     

Jear the book is a growing global sensation about life as we know it! A fictional novel based on startling facts, it tells the story of Jear, a public defender that falls in love with a woman only to discover her warmth, touch and embrace leads him to a new realm. Jear lives his life, day to day before he slowly begins to notice that the symbol of being alive is a confirmation that he is in hell. As the days go on, Jear stumbles upon signs that he is living in his new reality, a place of misery, agony and regret. As the months continue, Jear sinks deeper and deeper into sorrow. As he struggles to understand, he embarks on a painful journey to seek answers which lead him to shocking secrets of St Peter’s Basilica and a massive deception to the world by the Papacy. As the layers of ambiguity are circumspectly peeled back and the truth about life is unveiled, Jear later realizes that what he hears is more important than what he sees. “Life and death is in the power of the tongue." jEAR