Shoulda' Let You Go     

“Why do you stay with him knowing he’s not the one?”
“Auntie, you wouldn’t understand….”
“Baby, I understand a lot more than you might think I do. Your auntie has been in this world for a long time, and I’m from the same east side of Detroit that your mother is from,”
“It’s just different now than when it was when you and Mama came up. The world has changed since then. You didn’t have to go through the same struggles that we go through now,”
“You know baby, I used to be in a relationship just like yours. He wined me, dined me. I was so happy with my man, we used to catch flights every week. I started planning our life together, what it would be like when we got married.”
“What’s wrong with that?”
“When I woke up in Houston and realized it was all a lie….”
Dominic a.k.a. Dom is a self-made man who has no patience for disloyalty in his life. He’s seen too much on the streets of Detroit and been through more as a product of his environment. Not all women caught his eye, deep down he wanted that one woman who would make him feel complete based on his past. That was before he met HER. With all of her baggage, SHE showed him there was more to life. SHE taught him how to love. SHE held his heart. Then she left him for HIM.
Seeing so much destruction on the streets of Detroit ain’t normal for nobody, but for Marko it’s life. Never knew his mother, and with a fiend for a father, a bright future and happily ever after was nothing he aspired to. That was before he met HER. SHE was sexy, a melanin goddess in a world of peasants. Smart, but rough around the edges, SHE was the one who grounded him. He needed HER in his life, SHE gave him love. SHE gave him hope. Then SHE left him for HIM.
HE wants her mind, body and soul. HE wants her body and love. SHE is torn between two men. Which one will she choose?

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