The Pixy and the Giantess: OMNIBUS Edition     

Collected together for the first time, with all three novellas in a single volume, The Pixy and the Giantess: OMNIBUS Edition, by Jennie Lee Schade, takes you on a journey that begins with a woman discovering a young, male pixy trapped in a spider’s web. 

Thus begins a strange, rich and edgy romance that embroils them within the magical, medieval and miniature society of the Pixali and the Fae. Theirs is a reversed society. 

This is a story that is simultaneously a dark tale and a story filled with warmth. An adventure laced through with intimate moments, it is a seemingly-sweet tale infused with a creeping sense of horror. The pixy and his giantess are happy together, but a face from his past and the crimes of a sad and terrifying ancient war are reaching out to destroy their bright happiness and all they hold dear. In these pages are found adventure, humor, romance & size-changing, magical moments…and a most unusual couple who only want one thing: to be together 

Re-written and revised, The Pixy and the Giantess OMNIBUS Edition is over 16,000 words longer than the original series. In addition, the original novellas were (and still are) $3.99 each. An e-book copy of the OMNIBUS Edition is $5.99. 

BONUS SECTION! (In the print edition only.) The entire run of The Incubus Stories: One young woman will give up all she has for the sake of one who is not yet real. The clock is ticking, and she will need the help of others…before his existence destroys her. She must help him. She loves him.