Fractured Fate    

Can fate be fixed? Preferring football to flirting and snowmobiles to stilettos, Rae never desired more than friendship with boys until she finds herself attracted to both McNeal twins. Daredevil, magnetic Trey personifies “habitual heartbreaker.” But their shared passion for music and speed, and a layered darker side to Trey tempts Rae to look closer. His twin, Matt, makes his attraction to Rae clear with the same persistent approach he takes to every goal he sets, from excelling in academics to securing an appointment to the US Naval Academy. Matt's charismatic, easy to talk to and understands Rae better than she understands herself. Torn between their attention and her promise to herself to avoid relationships with “summer guys,” Rae struggles to make good choices. Her heart’s choice leads to tragedy, destroying two bright futures and sending Rae into a self-medicating downward spiral that even her best friend, Kyle can’t help her overcome. Eventually, convinced to try love once more, fate takes another devastating twist. Only this time tragedy comes coupled with long-held secrets. Her world yanked from beneath her feet, Rae must decide if she can forgive to live.


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