Life, Story and a Smile

Life, Story and a Smile is a collection of poems, short stories and anecdotes which explores the ups and downs of life, a story that is designed to challenge how a person views all forms of emotional experiences in their life. A book which will help you realise your own sense of worth via an unorthodox yet respectful perspective of real issues you will discover in your life.
This book was designed to help both the ones who want a reminder that they are never alone in the fight against the world and a message to the world that every person is different regardless of how they look or act. Your own individual actions dictate an impression not your looks because you will be remembered by how you impacted others beyond your aesthetical beauty.
From the beginning of the day to the last hour of the day, this book will cover your curiosity and challenge what you consider normal in your life and view situations from another’s perspective. This book will cover perspectives such as love, personal growth and hardship.
If my words can make at least one person smile then I would have consider the book a success as a percentage of profits from the book will be going towards a charity to continue the flow-on effect of positivity through, not just words, but actions.
Please enjoy what my book has to offer you and I wish you all the best in your future endeavours should it enlighten your perspective on something which is troubling you currently.

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