The Art of Coaching High School Tennis 2nd Edition: 88 Tips, Tricks, Skills and Drills for a Magical Season     

Do You Want To Save 30 Years of Learning to Coach a Tennis Team the Hard Way?
Bill Patton has close to 30 years experience of coaching and has learned from the mistakes of others a well.  This A to Z guide can save you many years of trouble, and make help you guide your program well from the beginning, give you a refreshed mindset, or help you make some changes in the program to keep it fresh and exciting.  
88 short chapters are easy to read in a few minutes and can give you the nugget of truth you need for today, and an idea to chew on to make your own. Bill doesn't claim to have all the answers, and doesn't advise everyone to do it his way, but he does raise the issues so you can think about them ahead of time and have a course of action. 
Skills, Drills, Tips and Tricks for a Magical Season!  
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