The Office Gentleman (Romance Book 1)    

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"You cannot be serious!" shrieked Kelly. Elisa had been keeping herself out of the way since the end of her relationship, but this was really something she wasn't expecting. 
"You have an interview with Brandon & Sons Enterprises?" 
Elisa held the phone away from her ear. Her friend's shrieking had that effect on her. She expected it and knew straight away as soon as she had told Kelly that this would be her response. Kelly loved high profile men and knew about all the eligible bachelors in town. The very mention of getting that interview sent her off into a flurry.
"When?" shrieked Kelly, sensing that her friend had taken the phone away from her head. 
"I know you're still there," she teased as she sent a text on her WhatsApp, Elisa checked her message, thinking it was from her father. 
"I'll give you all the details when we meet up, ok?" she said. 
Kelly wouldn't give up, but she knew her friend better than to continue to press her for details. In the time that she had known Elisa, she had always felt the need to look out for her. There was pain and hurt still from her past. And Kelly being the friend she was had been trying to help her to move on from it. She thought by fixing her up with someone else might help Elisa to see that not everyone is bad, but that wasn't going so well. Elisa knew Kelly had her best interests at heart, but she wanted to find a man in her own time and wasn't prepared to be pushed into a relationship by others. She would look when she was ready. That didn't count her father, who was also trying to find the right man to make her happy. She knew that he was trying to compensate for the fact that she had lost her mother, so she found it very hard to say "no" to him, knowing his heart was in the right place.
This is a great read for those wanting a good romance, with a little bit of erotica thrown in
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