UFOs: The most compelling evidence of– extraterrestrial & alien abductions, ever documented (Publication Review)

HUGEOrange Publisher’s Review of UFOs by Robert Weaver

Who doesn’t like reading about aliens, spaceships, and close encounters? It’s fun, entertaining, and with a well-researched book like this, it can be eye-opening and informative.

The stories of real people having experiences or glimpses of aliens are backed up by documented articles and video links. Astronauts and pilots have recounted their strange viewings for many years, yet mankind still doesn’t know for sure if we are alone in the universe.  There’s a great quote from the book “Our brain cannot keep rationalizing everything that we experience. Some things simply have no logical explanation.”

UFOs also covers the history, evidence, and cover-ups of alien existence. 

Recommended for a great read, whether you’re a skeptic or believer.  The value of this book is the context it provides, in a style aimed at mixing horror with documented accounts of aliens.

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