Unbreakable: 7 Rock Solid Habits to Your Perfect Weight and a Healthier Lifestyle: No Willpower Required!


What if there was a not so obvious secret guaranteed to transform any area of your life, easier and faster than you ever thought possible?
The key to losing weight, increasing energy, getting better sleep and managing stress is understanding how habits work. With Unbreakable you will be able to implement new habits into your life immediately. You’ll learn strategies for dealing with temptation without having to rely on willpower. This book is a definitive source for building habits that stick.
If you’ve ever struggled with food, diets or your weight then Unbreakable is your guidebook for life. Imagine if you could find yourself eating and living healthier effortlessly, without the struggle and without obsessing over every little thing you pop into your mouth.
In Unbreakable, Culinary Nutrition Expert Trudy Stone reveals the 7 most effective habits for achieving long-term weight management and health. These are the same habits that helped her to lose 30 lbs and keep it off. Use these seven habits, and you win - BIG TIME. Neglect them, and life will be a never-ending cycle of dieting, exhaustion and lack of motivation. With straightforward and easy to apply tips, Unbreakable will teach you rock solid habits to make real, lasting change in your life without deprivation and relying on willpower.
Trudy Stone is a certified culinary nutrition expert, speaker and the founder of Eat Live and Play. She self-hacked her own mind and body to lose 30lbs and now helps other women do the same.
Through her one-on-one coaching and online programs, she’s passionate about empowering women to build healthier habits, increase their confidence, and take the confusion out of healthy living.


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