Be Happy! Be Very Happy!: Embrace a new insight into human reality, love, social evolution, science and free education     

This book is for people who think differently and do so for life. Through its holistic approach "Be happy! Be very happy!" will provide you with a roadmap of solutions to many (if not all!) problems in your life. It is a book that will transform the way you think. It will enhance and energise you. Reading this book will give you fresh inspiration and will show you how to build true happiness.
True happiness is our ultimate purpose. Regrettably the majority of people these days do not think that way. This is why our contemporary world is populated by so many miserable human beings who have no idea what it means to be happy; much less how to achieve and keep a good life, true love and happiness.
What our modern world needs most are deeply motivated people who are sophisticated, open-minded global thinkers overflowing with new ideas. Reading this book will surely help you to become one of them, especially when you do so in an unbiased fashion, with willingness to accept new ideas and novel thoughts on many different subjects and topics.
“Be Happy. Be Very Happy.” contains in its pages many innovative ideas and thoughts as well as new interconnections between them. Together they create a spectrum of completely novel, original and extraordinary answers to a raft of the oldest philosophical questions. We are talking here about questions concerning our spiritual, social, economic, political and psychological lives, and our Universe. Most of these questions are as basically important to us as they are omnipresent in the history of human thought.  

The revelations presented in this work are a unique synthesis of many concepts, coming from many, sometimes vastly distant, sources. Many of these ideas were not logically connected with each other originally, and in the past they often diverged widely conceptually. The diverse, different, and frequently seemingly contradictory torrents of thought come to the pages of this book in a uniform, transformed and synchronised way. Put together, they create a new, logically consistent, original and unique whole. The creative borrowings in this work generate a completely new quality. This results from the flexible adaptation of old concepts to new needs which unfold brand new, previously unknown possibilities.
Indisputably, this treatise would not have been possible without a wide range of opportunities to exploit the global intellectual treasure trove of the spiritual and historical knowledge of a variety of cultures. The general profile of the philosophy presented in this study is therefore incontrovertibly the legacy of many generations of great thinkers and explorers. Many of these have existed throughout the thousands of years spanning the lifetimes of ancient and contemporary human civilisations. Sadly, most of those brilliant intellectuals are long gone and often forgotten in our modern times. Thus the best reflection of the intellectual sources of the new vision of reality presented in this book may be the words once written by Isaac Newton in referring to his own work:
“If I have seen further it is by standing on ye sholders [sic] of Giants”.
Generally speaking, Scientific Naturalism is a living philosophy. This is because of the unstoppable development of scientific knowledge, and the overwhelming influence of science on the advancement of human thought in all areas of our life.  Consequently, from the very dawn of its existence, scientific naturalism has undergone a never ending dynamic evolution.
On the other hand, the philosophy of Scientific Naturalism has grown in close connection with the development of scientific knowledge. Accordingly, this philosophy draws its historical origins from the birth of modern scientific methods of inquiry.
 * * * * *
This is a book for truth seekers. There are many profound insights covered in its chapters that will make you think.  Reading this book will help you take a step back and look at the big picture. Your life picture.
Are you truly happy? Is there something important missing in your life?
Do you often ponder what the meaning of your life actually is?
Do you often query whether there is a God?
Do you sincerely think that you have a really good education? In any case, do you know beyond any doubt what a truly good education is? 
Do you relate to any of these questions? If yes, then you must read this book.
"Be happy! Be very happy!" consists of six separate parts which deal with the complexity of these intertwined issues. It will provide you with the foundational skills to build your own holistic happiness. It will help you understand the true nature of existence. 
Part one is titled: “Myths, happiness and the sense of life”. It deals with the general theory of happiness. It makes blatantly obvious that being happy is the combined summation of all reasons why we exist.
Part two deals with various subjects like: genesis of all existence, chaos, good and evil, natural ethical principles, science and laws of nature.
Part three is about important characteristics of natural and man-made laws and cognitive optimism.
Part four talks about natural personal identity, various social aspects of our happiness, gender balance, metaphysics of culture and disintegration of the spirit.
Part five is dedicated to such topics as the concept of ‘satan’, dogmatic systems and the spiritual evolution of the human race.
Part six explains what the top quality, free and universal system of education and upbringing actually is.


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