Crossed Lines: What Lies Buried Within The Heart (Volume 1)   

For so many years, Sandra had worked and strived toward her ideal of the perfect life. By most people’s standards, she had it all – the handsome, upwardly-mobile husband; a respected career at the university; and a nice home, that was ready to receive a child or two under its roof. Like so many of us, Sandra had a vision of the ideal future she’d wanted to create. She thought she knew where life would take her and how things would unfold. But Sandra’s perfect life in suburbia began to show some cracks; and in her weakest moment, she relaxed her morals and grabbed the passion her life had been missing. Like a starving woman, her mouth watered for the fine chocolate that was offered her and she couldn’t resist temptation. Yet one bite of chocolate is never enough – especially for a woman who’s been hungering for sweet satisfaction for too long. Just like a dieter regrets giving in to temptation, so did Sandra; and like a weak dieter, she went back for more of the heavenly goodness that fed her ravenous appetite. She couldn’t get the taste out of her mind and she went back for more – again and again. As she fed her awakened appetite, her perfect world spun out of control. Secrets and passions would collide for a cataclysmic undoing of not only Sandra’s world, but the lives of many others too.