Keep Dreaming: Leron's Song (Publication Review)

HUGEOrange Publisher’s Review

Keep Dreaming is a brilliant comic/graphic novel that talks about a very common occurrence: bullying. No matter how schools try to stop it by educating kids about the causes and effects, it still goes on. It’s likely a child you know is either being bullied or sees someone being bullied. This comic would appeal to the pre-teen and young teenage groups who are mostly affected. It’s another layer in the fight against bullying.

The story centers on Leron, a budding musician and a kid too nice to understand the mean kids’ culture of bullying. He daily faces a group of peers who make it their mission to disrupt his life with thoughtless cruelty that seems to escalate over time. He has a teacher friend and mentor who tries to steer him toward resolving the issue by telling on the kids, but Leron knows that won’t work.

Children will relate to him on many levels, especially talented ones who feel they have to hide their light to avoid being a target. This comic would be a big help to school curriculums and counselors.  What a great way to reach children and educators with meaningful and fun content. 

Keep Dreaming is a promising idea and refreshingly appealing.  A sure hit with the young adult audience.