The Well From Hell (A Kleinfield Mystery Book 1)     


Wyatt, a charismatic oilfield downhole specialist with ten years of experience but who had been laid off during the downturn of 2009, gets called back in to take on a new set of downhole problems in Williston, North Dakota. Wyatt teams up with the knowledgeable but ornery well specialist Zebb Morgan, a man who has forgotten more than Wyatt will ever know about the oilfield. Follow their struggle to repair an oil well that seems to be connected straight to the pit of hell as they fight blowouts, putting and put their lives on the line while they race to free millions of dollars of oil tools stuck thousands of feet beneath the earth’s surface.

The Well from Hell is an insightful and enticing tale that will keep you turning the page. It depicts the adventures of oilmen and the struggles they go through to get oil out of the hell that holds it. It’s a the story of the Bakken Boom. Walk with Wyatt and Zebb as things go from bad to worse while trying to solve the mystery of downhole drilling.

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