Think Ideas & Create Wealth: The secret in developing ideas worth millions     

Exposed! The Secret of developing ideas worth millions
Have you ever wished you could develop your ideas and make them worth millions?
Do you want to learn how to transform your potential into real wealth?

Most of us would like a little extra money. Many would like to be able to create wealth like they’ve never known, and the good news is that it’s within your grasp. Now.

In this fascinating book, Think Ideas and Create Wealth, you will discover that there are some basic principles of how to achieve the right mindset for wealth creation, with chapters that examine:

10 simple steps to create ideas for inventions
Dreaming the seeds of success
The importance of ideas
Listening to your inner voice
Developing ideas from your inspiration
Making your vision a reality
Maximising success
Goal setting
And much, much more…

This is not a book of ‘maybes’ and ‘what ifs’ these are proven strategies that will maximize your potential and help you achieve goals that were previously beyond you.

With 16 easy ways to generate ideas for products or services worth millions of dollars, Think Ideas and Create Wealth is ideal for new entrepreneurs, investors and anyone who has a burning desire to succeed.

Get a copy today and convert the ideas you have into the wealth you deserve!