Time Wanderer : Book Two: Camden Investigations


Time Wanderer new sci fi release...by Gary Starta
Newly released! #kindle #ancientaliens #Scifi #ufo #paranormal

The Camden sisters’ quest to explain the unexplained takes a paranormal turn when a time wandering woman crosses their path. Jumping time, performing superhuman feats and staying one step ahead of an unknown enemy leads Iris and DJ Camden to believe this woman without a home or name she can remember is involved with a nefarious shadow agency, one Iris’ own father works for in this stand-alone thriller.

As each answer comes with a perilous price, Iris surmises ‘Sandra’ is preventing an alien race from coming back into power. But when the time wanderer is compromised and kills one of her new friends, it is strongly suspected she has been turned and is aiding aliens hoping to unlock an ancient construct known as Coyote X. Just who is pulling Sandra’s strings and will it cost investigators their lives to find out? Can this woman with no recall of her childhood utilize her superpowers to stop the nefarious Grey aliens from taking the planet?