TRANSCENDING THE MAYA MATRIX: Using the Seven Simple Steps: Our Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization

Omar, your book has been very well received and has consistently been on many of Amazon’s bestseller lists since you published it. What is making this book a success?
So many of us have read self-help books, followed many process and know about the law of attraction. We live in an era of information overload. We can easily lose ourselves in processes, methods and teachings and forget the basics. My book offers the basics. If you are eating breakfast every day with Eckhart Tolle, lunch with the Dali Lama and sing with angles at night, but you have not specifically cultivated your relationship with Being, then you have not yet empowered yourself.
You can be very versed in the philosophy of enlightenment, co-creation and Manifestation, but find yourself still suffering. The only way for anyone to really empower the Self is through the relationship with Being. My book, Transcending the Maya Matrix, uncovers a simple process to cultivate that relationship, in fact, this process is innate and not man-made.
What is the Maya Matrix?
Maya is a Hindu and Buddhist term means the illusion of reality. The word “Matrix” refers to the complexity of living inside that illusion. The phrase the Maya Matrix means reality as we know it, which is a perception of life, not life itself. Life is simple, the Maya Matrix is complex and limited. The ego, which lives inside the Maya Matrix, can not answer the simplest questions in life. Those simply questions are: Who am I, and What is reality?
If the ego defines itself, it would say things like: I am a father, I am a man, I am a kind man, I am old, I am fat, etc. A Simple phrase such as “I am.” Does not mean anything to the ego. To define the self and reality, we must raise above the Maya Matrix. We must transcend the Maya Matrix.
The truth about life is that it is inseparable from our being. Getting outside that being, which is life itself, is the only cause of suffering and unfulfilled potentials.
When writing Transcending the Maya Matrix did anything stand out as particularly challenging?

Yes, it took me 11 years to write it. The insights were very clear but translating those insights into the written words is a challenging task. With the help of my collaborator and editor, once it was written, editing was accomplished in 5 months. In order to capture the principles of that relationship with Being, I had to write and rewrite everything, sometimes more than 20 times, until I got to the exact essence I wanted to convey. I had to keep it as close to pure Truth as possible. I’ve also supplied images, audio podcasts and free workbooks to further help this understanding.
How did you come up with the ideas and concepts in Transcending the Maya Matrix?
It took writing the book to realize that I have been preparing to write the book for my entire life. Every experience of my life has contributed, even what I thought were failures or even what I called successes combined to contribute to this book. I had to become who I am, and Transcending the Maya Matrix is a record of how I learned to organize my life in order to own my life. I realized that I couldn’t control my life, but I could manage it.
What do you like to do when not writing?
I enjoy spending time with my wife and two boys. I also like to play classical guitar.
How can readers discover more about you and your work?
You can visit, you can listen to the free podcasts and download free workbooks that accompany the book.
Transcending the Maya Matrix, looks like a great self-help book. Any plans for additional similar books?
No plans yet, but right now the book comes with 10 free workbook journaling exercises and free audio podcasts.
The Author: Omar M. Makram
The book: Transcending the Maya Matrix – The Innate Guide to Co-Creation & Self-Realization


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