Vampire Sequencing: The Valatorin Blood Stories Vol. 1     

Hey, um, well, they’ve asked me to tell you my story. I don't really know where to begin so I guess I'll start with a little bit about myself. I’m Jake Miles. I am 15, I live in Laudemtur, Tennessee and I go to high school like everyone else, nothing unusual there. I live in this small little town where nothing goes on. Well...not nothing but...yeah. I live with my mom and my twin, who is more athletic than me, probably better looking than me, has more friends than me....where was I? Oh yeah right. My twin brother Quin, who I love dearly, don't let the brooding above fool you. This sleepy town is all I've ever known. Until I woke up and I suddenly had a craving for human blood. Yep, I am a vampire. A vampire who is getting trained by werewolves. Yeah, you read that right. In exchange for helping me, I gotta help them though. As if being a teenager wasn't enough.

Author's Note: While this book's main characters are teenagers, this book contains some mature themes such as violence and discrimination. This book is recommended for ages 15+

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