Waiting For The Storm

HUGEOrange Publication Review
Waiting for the Storm, by Sly Goodridge

Waiting for the Storm is a good read about a widower trying to overcome his ongoing grief to love again.  Robert Conlin has sunk deep into the memories of his marriage and the happy years he and his wife Jen had.

It’s difficult for him to focus on anyone else having had a love that strong. Then, on the fifth anniversary of Jen’s death, circumstances cause a chance meeting with a stranded stranger named Ann. As a hurricane covers the area in Key West he’s lived in for years, he and Ann must survive the storm and admit to a budding attraction they both feel.

The author, Sly Goodridge, has written a book that’s hard to put down. The characters in it are easy to like and well thought out. Anyone who’s lost someone will understand the feelings torn between discovery and loyalty that Robert struggles with. And if you haven’t, you will after reading this great romance story.