You've Been Fired! Now What?: Seize the opportunity, creatively turn it into a successful reality    

Business and life globally has changed dramatically over the last couple of years, and who knew that many people would be in a position that would forced them to quickly adjust without having much time to digest the situation. We believe that there has never been a better time to explore a world of opportunities in business that most would never have dreamed of. The enormous possibilities of today’s technological advances have given us unlimited access and a vast platform that connects people, places, and concepts worldwide. By embracing these developments, we expand our capacity to reach and take our rightful place in today’s business economy. In this book, we provide an overview of what it means to be in business and stay in business. We shed light on the process, provide examples of successful entrepreneurs, showcase situational case study examples, and share a wealth of informative business advice and support. Whether you allow your abilities, talents, and experiences to undergird you as you test the entrepreneurial waters or dive in headfirst is your choice. This book provides the challenge, tools and insights to assist you along the way. Most people have pondered going into business for themselves at one time or another, but most stop after that point without researching whether the concept they are considering is viable or profitable. Recall the many times you pondered starting your own business or creating opportunities for others by way of your dreams but never followed through. Our challenge to you is to follow through with those ideas and abilities and develop innovative ways to create your own future. The book also explores the benefits of starting your business at this time in the global economy. It helps you dissolve apprehensions that may stop you from decisions that can positively affect you, your family, and others around you. Your options depend largely on your knowledge base, skill set, passion, and goals; these will get you from milestone to milestone even if you consider any of them insignificant. The key is momentum. Challenges are inevitable, but the way you handle them and react (or not react) to them will determine how they impact what you are seeking to achieve. You will find that in going into business for yourself, the biggest challenge is you. This has been one of the main driving forces in striving to help others by way of this collaborative entrepreneurial focussed project. The experience gained from challenges and the clients we have been privileged to assist over the years has helped us to get out of “our own way”. The beauty of this project for us, as international consultants, is the knowledge that the growth process in business is a constant, and assisting others along the way is a joy. Take the opportunity now to create your future and tap into the possibilities that are around you.