Get Fit Like It's Your Job: Creative exercises for getting in shape like it's literally your job (Gym Raccoon Book 1)   

Do you badly want to improve your fitness but have trouble sticking to a plan? Your issue might be discipline. This mini eBook presents a creative method of holding yourself accountable by structuring your fitness program as an actual job. Using this framework, you may choose to write a job description, establish work hours, give yourself assignments, and more. You can even get "paid." 

Reframing fitness this way can help you reach a variety of goals, including weight loss, building muscle, and improving your cardiovascular health. The tools in this mini eBook are intended to help you define the results you want, plan out how to get there, then hold yourself to it. Whether you want to lose weight or just feel better, you can manage yourself to success in this "job." A healthier lifestyle is within your grasp.