Happy Parents: 4 Key Strategies To A Fulfilled And Balanced Relationship With Your Spouse In The First Years Of Parenthood

Are you struggling to find balance between parenthood, work and your own time?
Did you lose connection since you become parents?
Can you remember the last time you had mind-blowing sex?
Or just a normal conversation with your spouse without being interrupted, too tired or pulled away?

Kids bring you closer together, so they say. 
The truth is, they break you apart. At least in the first years of parenthood.

Your focus is anywhere but on your needs or the needs of your partner. And often that can become the start of the downward spiral.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Awareness is the first step to change.

'Happy Parents' is written for parents and couples who want to increase their happiness and passion in their marriage or relationship. Who genuinely love and care about their partners but somehow have lost track on how to be in absolute love and sexual bliss.

For parents who believe and are committed to change their own behaviour in order to see a change in their life. For parents who want to be a better partner, to be a better parent, but most of all to be the best person they want to be.

This book will give you insights and exercises to improve and change your relationship while being the best parent possible.

To be a happier parent, to be a happier partner, but ultimately to be the happiest person you want to be.

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