The Influence of Military Strategies to Business (Press Release)

June 19, 2018: Hopeful Media Solutions releases the second edition of #1 Bestselling book, “The Influence of Military Strategies to Business”, by M.D. White, exclusively on Amazon where it originally topped the charts in several business categories.
Serial entrepreneur, investment guru, and international business consultant M.D. White has answered the call from his clients & readers by updating his #1 Bestseller Book, “The Influence of Military Strategies to Business.” He had this to say: “My followers & clients had some very good suggestions. All of which have been included in this second edition. What’s more, I felt, there had to be more emphasis on the art of war aspect. Because business is war; politics is war; and, life is war. This “emphasis” had to be crystal clear, instructive, and practical for industry experts and experts in training. And that is exactly what I did. The Influence of Military Strategies to Business is a daily bread, a Bible for those who wish to win in their business, political, and or life endeavors. No one should decide to take on these challenges without a roadmap. This is your roadmap. This is the manual that guarantees your success.”
M.D. White is a self-described historian of “Elephants”------A term he uses when referencing those with power, wealth, and influence---and companies they start, and or the families they come from. One such elephant is Donald J. Trump. He proudly admits to following President Donald Trump’s career and business endeavors for decades. When asked “Who is [His] audience?” M.D. White replied: “Elephant tycoons like [President] Trump. People of great wealth, power and influence, or those who wish to obtain great wealth, power, and influence and people who demand an ‘EDGE’ in their business, political, and personal lives.”
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