The Second Time Around    

In The Second Time Around readers will see how one man experienced growing up on the South Side of Chicago in the middle of all sorts of diversity and how family played a major role in who he is today. You’ll experience his journey of highs, lows, more highs and the lowest anyone could possibly go and yet live to tell about it. It also takes you through the moments in his life where he had to fight and how it made him stronger to fight the ultimate battle. He then go on to show how every time in your life when you have hard times and tribulations how it makes you stronger to handle the next thing that comes your way. I know that most of us have heard before that “What don’t kill you makes you stronger” but this story will prove just how strong it can make you. Art imitates life to a fault and in this memoir, you’ll see the art of love, life, laughter, perseverance and the art of how powerful the creation of God truly is. Hollywood gets somethings right but about death…But this man has a different perspective.