Time Concentration: More LIFE in the Time You Have (The Life Balance Hacks Series Book 1)

Time Concentration
Daniel Gentry
HUGEOrange Publication Review

Time Concentration is a short overview of Daniel Gentry’s Life Triad system, on which he gives seminars and has a full-length book. The Life Triad system was created when the author needed to change his out of control life to a balanced and successful one. He wanted to write a synopsis for people who have not been through one of his programs before.
This eBook covers one of his tools for enabling life balance called Time Concentration.
The base idea of time concentration is not so much about adding tasks to our day, but in concentrating the life we put into those tasks. In other words, one key to achieving life balance is doing multiple things at the same time!
He also explains his concept of life balance. This is the foundation of his life transformation program. The Life Balance Triad concept breaks life balance into 3 parts: self-mastery, interpersonal, and material prosperity. He further breaks those down into subsections.
Take multiple parts of life and combine it into one activity.
He gives plenty of examples from his own life of how he used these philosophies and life-changing steps to achieve a fulfilling life. He covers exercise, the ‘Pomodoro’ technique for when and how to take a break in your life from work, how to cut down your possessions, and how to create family time.
For each of us there are a number of ways in which we can enhance our lives through time-concentration.  Think of all the activities that you have in your life and how can you add more dimensions to those tasks. What pieces could you pull together? What parts can you combine? How can you pull family, friends, your health, and all of the different parts of life balance together into the activities that you're already doing?
While this is basically an introduction to his full system, it’s still worth a read. Most people struggle with the five problems he offers solutions to and whether or not you’re ready to proceed to his full seminar, you just might learn something.