Where it All Began (Author Interview)

Where it All Began, is a free, downloadable, children’s origin story of Chris Sheeply.  How many books do you have planned for the complete series?

Chris: I believe the original goal was twenty-five, but we already have fifteen stories and there are so many things we could write about it, could honestly go on forever. We have already decided how we would like to end the series, but that’s for the future. We have a lot of exciting ideas we think readers will like. We encourage everyone to download the free book; it's much shorter than the books you can expect, but it's a great segue into the series. We are also planning to have a limited-run, hardcover, special edition book with this title, which will include an embossed front and back hardcover, sequential numbering, five to six full-page illustration spreads, a unique twist on the title page, and several additions to the existing illustrations. Each copy will be signed and include a Chris Sheeply bookmark.

Pam: When Chris proposed the series to me, I didn’t think that we would be able to create twenty-five books, but, once we got rolling, it was easy to see we can create so many stories based on Chris Sheeply’s life that will entertain, not only children but adults, as well. The authenticity of the stories, and the messages they offer will allow us to share his exciting adventures for a long time. I guess what I am saying is there are no limits.

The books are cutely illustrated.  How do you go about illustrating the work?

Chris: The illustrations are a two-part process. After we develop the story, I go back and sketch detailed scenes for the entire book. This includes both the front and back cover and the title page. Then, I collaborate with an illustrator I have been working with from Venezuela for the past two years and he adds the professional touches to all the sketches and fills in the blanks where necessary.

Pam: I think that illustration starts as soon as words are spoken. Chris has a very vivid and creative mind. It’s like he sees the book before it is written just based on our discussions and drafts of the written story. He sketches out what he is thinking, and we review it together. He has chosen an amazing illustrator to make Chris Sheeply come to life.
When coming up with stories and scenes, do you have an idea of how they will be illustrated?

Chris: We don't know exactly what the illustrations will look like at the moment. But, I have such a close relationship with the illustrator, Deivys Acuña, that I can usually visualize the final draft. But, we always have a general direction and overview of what we are going to include in the illustrations for the stories we are sharing. Even though the final illustrations are nearly identical to my original sketches, Deivys, will always put his own unique twist on an image and I appreciate his artistic license when I am stuck coming up with an idea for an illustration.

Pam: I am a visual person and, although I really can’t draw, I create what I would like to see on paper in my mind and then describe it to Chris who then sketches it out. Since we don’t live in the same state, there are times when I attempt to draw figures for placing and send it to him for review. You should see Chris Sheeply as a stick figure.

What are your end goals with Chris Sheeply?  What do you ultimately hope to share with children?

Chris:  To share the seemingly forgotten concept of natural law and how it relates to causality, the law of attraction, karma or moral law and the golden rule that's easy enough for anyone to understand.

Pam: The end goals for Chris Sheeply are enjoyment and learning for those who want to share in his adventures. We are trying to share the morals and lessons within each story to help children have a greater scope of life and how to navigate it within the world we live in.

What age group are you targeting with your books?

Chris: I think is important to hit every age group from kids all the way to adults. I'd say the kids’ books range between the ages of 2 to 8 years, whereas the comic books are geared more towards teenagers and adults, as well as the poetry collections.

Pam: Currently, our age group is 2 to 8 years; however, I believe that anyone who reads the books can enjoy them. The morals within the story can help parents reflect on how we teach our children through the eyes of Chris Sheeply. The comic and poetry books are geared more toward teenagers and adults. We are working on ideas for those in the middle, ages 8 to 14.

The books teach a deep growth and development philosophy. What philosophers or deep thinkers inspired the writing?

Chris: There are several people who have contributed to my development in thinking beyond the ordinary and whose philosophies reflect my core principles and a deeper understanding of life. Some of these people are: Jordan Maxwell, Larken Rose, Max Igan, Howard W. Percival, Thomas Paine, David Icke, Clif High, Mark Passio, Samuel Adams, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes, George Carlin, Bill Hicks, Nikola Tesla, George Orwell, John Barbour and William Cooper.

Pam: Because of my background and where I see myself going, I have several people to mention as they have taught me, inspired me, helped me to step out of the box and think beyond visual reality. Some of these people are: Caroline Myss, Louise Hay, Edgar Cayce, Carl Jung, Wayne Dwyer, Alberto Villoldo, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Gary Craig, Bernie Siegel, Walter L. Weston, David Perlmutter, William Davis, Gabrielle Bernstein, James Redfield, David Hanscom, Daniel G. Amen, Michael V. Pantalon and Candace Pert.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

Chris + Pam: Please feel free to contact us on our website at sheeplypublishing.com. There you can check out our latest books, view our profiles, follow us on Twitter, subscribe to our YouTube channel and download the free kids book we mentioned in this interview. We read ALL of our messages and do our best to respond in a timely manner. We always look forward to interacting with our fans.