His Frozen Heart: A Mountain Man Romance

An International bestseller book.

I came to Dogwood Mountain a broken man, to get away from everything in my life, my obscene wealth, my family, my so-called friends, my sins. I needed the remoteness, the fresh air, and the bitterness of surviving in an inhospitable land.
After two years my isolation was shattered.
Why of all the mountains in the good ole US of A, did she have to crash her car on mine. And why of all the women in the world did she have to be the most beautiful creature I'd laid eyes on.
Now I'm stuck in a small cabin with the scent of her skin in my nostrils, her clear eyes following me around, and her soft curves tempting me.
When she laughs, the sound reminds me of the past I left behind.
Until she came my heart was a block of ice, but now there is a fire in my veins, and a craving in my loins. There's no denying. I want to taste her and make her mine.

But that's the last thing I need.
I tell myself, I'll get rid of the temptation in the morning, take her into town and bid her goodbye, but that was before the radio forecasts a blizzard.
Looks like we could be holed up here for days.

Heaven help me, but if I claim her now...letting her go won't be an option.

A full length 50000+ plus words standalone with no cheating and guaranteed HEA. 

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