Two Brutes, One Barista: An Alaskan Romantic Comedy (Alaskan Romance Book 3)    

MAN-oh-ver | noun
1: a makeover of one’s masculinity
Example: “J.D. is such a metrosexual that, at this point, our only option is a manover.” –Zack & Rory Adderack

J.D.’s got a problem. He’s an MMA fighter who’s lost his belt, his honor, the mobility in his shoulder, and the sexist pigs he’s been mooching off of have just gone insane… but, that’s not the problem. The problem is about five foot five, with big brown eyes, and serves coffee next door. The problem talks sh*t when they play video games, and is at least an 8/10 on the Hot Crazy Matrix… but is no unicorn (the problem believes in Bigfoot). Further frustrating our hapless hero, the problem wants to run her hands allll over him, but doesn’t believe in happy endings. Follow along as J.D. tackles his problem, sees it tied to a tree, and gets busy trying to nail down a solution in a boat, and with a goat, here, there, and frankly, everywhere. The biggest barrier to J.D. licking his problem on a more permanent basis? His jackass siblings just drove him to buy a ticket home…

In Bush, Alaska, rivers are roads, subdivisions only exist in a surveyor’s imagination, and rules are for sissies. Be catapulted into a land where men in fur hats drag women around by the hair, and your choices determine whether you star in a fairy orgy, or are crushed to death by your 55-inch TV. Roll on the floor laughing with this steamy, twisted, ridiculous romantic comedy.