The author of this book – a fifty-five-year-old, pet-loving, independent lady from Dorset – offers a warts-and-all personal account of how her perception of the world has radically changed since entering her fifth decade. 

Her insights and anecdotes are refreshingly different, shared with honesty, relish and lashings of humour, so much so that you’ll be hooked from the get-go. Having led a colourful life, she has wealth of experiences to offer and her wonderful conversational style cajoles you into thinking you’re chatting with a friend over coffee and cake.

She tackles general topics, such as death, money, politics and religion, and delves deep into her own experiences of the chaos caused by the menopause, the ageing process, and the challenges and mind-boggling world of technology. The advantages of turning fifty – and there are plenty to be had – are shared with her warm and light-hearted charisma, and will undoubtedly offer you much food for thought. 

If you’re over forty and female, you will find laughter, empathy, comfort and so much more in the author’s quirky observations, regardless of your background.

Take a look through the contents page now, using the ‘Look Inside’ feature and be prepared for those sparks of intrigue to start flying and a smile to quickly appear. 

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