Book Editor

Book Editor
We have the best book editors and essay editors for hire.  Our prices for copy editing are $10 per 1K words.  You get a focus on copy editing along with proofreading, developmental and substantive editing services.  We focus on:
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Sentence structure
  • Consistency
  • Pacing
  • Flow
  • Redundancy removal
  • Tenses
  • Dialog correction
  • Transitions
  • Clarity
  • General improvement
  • Readability
Our book editing service will also leave notes when appropriate in the sidebar using Word’s Change Tracker.  Those looking for a full-fledged developmental edit should contact us because the $10 per 1K words is not a full-featured developmental edit.
Book Editing at $10 per 1K words Click Here: Book Editing

Freelance Copy Editor and Free Lance Proofreading

Our book editors work for publishers and freelance as book editors on the side.  If you are interested in hiring us or the book editor on a freelance site click the link below.
The appeal of hiring a freelance copy editor is that you work through a familiar messaging and ordering system.  It’s simple to do and easy to communicate especially if you are set up already.  A lot of self-published authors prefer the freelance platform and it’s understandable.  We are available on UpworkFiverr, and Freelancer.  For links to our accounts, click here: Freelance Editing
Our freelance copy editors are Samwrightwrites, Janet Ruth from Penguin Books and BookCaliber, and John Lance from HarperCollins.  John also offers a freelance proofreading service starting at $5 per 1K words if you are just looking for a proofread and not all the bells and whistles that come with our copy editing service.
book editor

How to Publish a Book and Editing

You need a lot of services when you self-publish, and the biggest cost is editing.  If you are unsure if you need a book editor, we offer free sample edits.  A sample edit will let you look at our process and see if editing is needed.  If your book needs a polish or a more serious edit and you skip it, you will quickly learn because your readers will tell you in reviews.

Book Editors for Hire

A book editor is a person passionate about books and through experience and education, they know how to improve your work.  A great book editor will enhance your book without changing your voice or meaning.  If your book editor finds a major oversight or flaw, they point it out in a side note and won’t change your book.  The author and the book editor may not see eye to eye, so it’s always a good idea when hiring a book editor to go over the changes made to approve or reject them.

Novel Editor

Our book editors will work on fiction novels or nonfiction topics.  Any genre or topic is accepted, and once your book is accepted, we will assign it to the appropriate book editor.  From science fiction novels to self-help books, history to philosophy, memoirs to children’s books, we will provide a thorough copy edit with the appropriate, experienced and enthusiastic editor.

What is Copy Editing?

What is copy editing?  It’s a focus on grammar, structure, punctuation, and flow.  It looks at the text on a sentence level.  There are different levels of copy editing, but it’s the general service you think of when you want something edited.  It can remove redundancies and improve wording.  It is sometimes spelled copyediting or copy-editing, and it’s the best chance for your new book to shine.

What is Proofreading?

What is proofreading?  It’s a focus on text as a whole.  Proofreading would catch inconsistencies in titles.  Maybe some are all caps and others are just first word caps.  It’s formatting to a degree, with paragraph spacing and indents as well as grammar when noticed, but grammar is not looked at on a sentence level.  The formatting is also at a basic level, and a complete proofreading service would not format your book (to look great on a 6 X 9 trim level print book and/or readers, for instance).

Revising and Editing

Our book editor isn’t done once they complete your manuscript.  You get unlimited revisions and questions.  If you need something explained or want minor changes and a second look, your editor is available to work one-on-one with you.
freelance editor

Editor and Publisher

Most top editors are only available through publishers, making it tempting to work with a publisher.  However, authors who wish to self-publish need access to top quality editors too.  Our editors have a proven track record and work for publishers.
In today’s marketing, you can find experienced, trained and well-reviewed editors able to work outside of their main job at a publisher.

Content Editor

Your book editor will polish your content and make it ready to publish.  A content editor will ensure readers love what you wrote.  If you want to see what our book editor can do, check out our free sample editing service.

Publishing Editor

All our editors work for publishers.  They will polish your book to the standards of today’s competitive marketing.  A publishing editor knows what is expected in today’s market and will prepare your book for the mass market.  A publishing editor knows the market for your specific genre or topic and can edit it accordingly, making side notes when appropriate.

Story Editor

Those with a complex story need a great story editor.  A story editor usually reads the book first to get a lay of the land before providing a copy edit.  The more complex a story is, the more you need a story editor that can handle the layers and complex plot lines.  Our book editors are experienced in handling story edits and providing a polished book when they are complete.
Your story editor will enhance your story writing and improve the flow and structure.

Essay/Academic Editor

An essay editor works with academic papers.  If you need someone to proofread an essay, we have academic editors standing by to provide a complete copy edit and proofread.  The fee for editing an essay is the same as a book, $10 per 1K words.
When picking an essay editor your time may be an important factor.  Papers are due and you need them in by a specific time.  Just let us know in the order when you would like the edited essay returned.  If we cannot comply, we will let you know immediately.  You can also contact us before placing the order to see if the delivery can be arranged.

Proofread My Essay

Proofread my essay!  It’s around the same time every semester where millions of students scream “Proofread my essay!” from their dorms.  We understand the pressure and the time restraints. It’s important your essay is well written and error free.  Our academic editors will proofread your essay and return it in a polished and academic level state.  We return your edited essay in two forms.  One with changes shown in Word’s Change Tracking feature and one document with edits applied.

How Much is Book Editing?

How much is book editing?  Rates can differ depending on needs, but a professional level edit is a flat fee based on word count.  A word count is an exact figure since page count can differ depending on several factors like font size, style, margins, and spacing.
The fee for HUGEOrange is $10 per 1K words.  It’s a competitive fee that produces high-quality edits.  The only way to find the difference between one book editor’s quality and another’s is to request a sample edit from both and compare them.

How Much is Book Proofreading?

How much is book proofreading?  Proofreading is normally a smaller job than copy editing.  Most copy editing services will include a proofread, like the one from HUGEOrange.  Expect to pay $5 per 1K words for just a proofread.  It’s a much simpler job and takes less time.  The most common type of editing is copy editing which includes both proofreading and editing.

Editing Services

Shop around for your editing services.  Sample edits are a great tool in selecting the perfect editor.  Editing services can get confusing so look for the book editor that does the highest quality job for a reasonable price.

Copyedit, One or Two Words?

Copy editing can sometimes be spelled as one word, copyedit.  It’s the same type of editing it’s just a less common way to spell it.  It’s more common in the US and UK to spell copyediting as two words.  You will get better search results when searching for the two-word version.

Editors for Hire

The Internet has plenty of sites with editors for hire, either through freelance sites or book publishing sites.  Regardless of where you hire an editor, be sure to get a sample edit to compare quality and cost.

Dissertation Editing and Essay Editing

Most editors are book editors.  However, companies like HUGEOrange work with book editing and dissertations and essays as well.  Our delivery time window will be shorter on average for dissertations and essays because the content is often shorter and an academic style of editing is a simpler process.

Hiring a Book Editor Is Just One Process in Publishing

Publishing a book is a complicated process.  If you find yourself struggling with how to publish a book,  message us.  We love helping new authors navigate the minefield of publishing. We can help you put together a plan and coordinate what you need.

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