My Unicorn Coloring Book (Author Interview)

My Unicorn Coloring Book looks like a wonderful coloring book for ages up to eight.  Any plans to release similar themed coloring books?
You’ll find several of my book catered to kids and unicorns, simply search Mya Lee Coloring Books on Amazon to see all of them.  I should have about 5 books by 4-15-2019.

What type of elements are on the pages for kids to draw?
There are a lot of fun pictures to color and the degree of difficulty is super simple to easy.

What inspired you when creating My Unicorn Coloring Book?
My kids love unicorns and I do too so I thought why not share my passion with everyone.

When did you decide to create My Unicorn Coloring Book?
I was sitting down with my kids on their kiddy table coloring and my 4 year old wanted to color a unicorn…I didn’t have a unicorn coloring book so I drew several designs quickly…at the time I saw how engaged and excited my kid was at coloring so that’s when I had the idea to create unicorn coloring books for all kids to enjoy.

When creating My Unicorn Coloring Book did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  Not really,  the designs are cute and simple….and super fun and easy to color.

How did you come up with the concepts and drawings in My Unicorn Coloring Book?  I drew about 200 designs and my kids and I selected the best ones to share with the world.

What do you like to do when not creating coloring books?
Playing and traveling with my kids.

How can readers discover more about you and your work?

In the future you can look me up on Instagram and facebook “MyaLeeColoring”.

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