Diary of a Divine Relationship: Jack & Kelly (Author Interview)

Diary of a Divine Relationship looks like a compelling Christian story.  Any plans to release similar books?
I’m currently working on a sequel to answer so many questions about some of the characters in the first book. This book will tie up loose ends and I think readers will feel satisfied. I will also work to bring Diary of a Divine Relationship (Jack and Kelly) to the stage as a play and one day onto the big screen Now that would be a dream come true.  

How did you come up with the story in Diary of a Divine Relationship?  
I think the story of Cinderella may have something to do with it, lol, but seriously, I like taking underdogs and changing their lives for the better. God will use anyone that allows him to use them. He takes the perceived ordinary, misunderstood and seemingly strange or different person and uses them for the extraordinary. He uses the humble and those who offer their faithfulness and willingness in saying, “Yes, God I agree with you.”   

What will readers get out of your book?
The main message of the book is that we are all flawed, whether it is very apparent to the eye or hidden behind the clothes, image or personality. We can do and be more, no matter what we perceive as limitations if we trust in Him. We should not let others influence our destiny.  God is the only one who determines our value and worth. They will also get a lighthearted and funny, yet serious story of a couple and their struggles as they come together for God’s purpose.

What inspired you when writing Diary of a Divine Relationship?
I’m someone that resonates with the underdog. For lack of a better word, this is how Kelly perceived herself but she fought that title and I and Jack wanted her to see herself differently.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I had no idea I would be an author.  I used to dabble and scribble with writing thoughts down about my life, and I even attempted to put together an essay, but I did not finish that.  I believe this book was divinely inspired because of certain things I was going through at that time in my own life.

When writing Diary of a Divine Relationship did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  
Yes, the storyline as to what happens to Kelly Sanders and where should I take the story. I really struggled with that.  Believe it or not, I’ve had anger directed toward me regarding the ending.

What do you like to do when not writing?
I also play the flute and I’m working on design business.  It is my intention to take up another musical instrument, the violin.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
The book is available on Amazon.com, Goodreads.com and many other web-sites. Thank you