Horror Poetry (Author Interview)

Horror Poetry looks like a unique book that contains both scary stories and poems. You have a collection of similar themed books, what sets this one apart?
It was the first, it was written over several years, so the work is well planned out and I believe features two of my best short stories. I think if people would like Horror Poetry, then Scary Poetry (which comes out later this month) is a good follow up. I really did enjoy writing the poems as well. It gave me a much-needed diversion from my frenetic and often chaotic life.

How did you come up with stories and poems in Horror Poetry?
 I drew the short stories from real-life. Gone Before Me is pretty much a story that grew from a car accident. One early morning, I hit a deer that darted out in front of my vehicle. The deer lived, but in the inky blackness of the morning I turned off the lights and just listened. Then this crazy idea came to me. It just might work, I thought. It did. Bride of the Lake was about something I read online one day after I heard of a person drowning. The ideas just raced from then on.

What will readers get out of your book?
I think for their dollar it will be a fun ride. I tried to amp up the Suspense and make it more a Thriller in parts. From what people who’ve read it told me, I succeeded in my attempt to entertain.

What inspired you when writing Horror Poetry?
It wasn’t done intentionally. I just began writing poems while waiting in the parking lot for my sons at school. Eventually, it bubbled over to short stories. I merged them together to complete a simple theme. I have always been a big aficionado of Horror. I remember in my youth watching horror movies when I was a kid every Friday and Saturday night. One of my first books as a teen was Stephen King’s “Carrie”, followed by “’Salems Lot”. Both exceptional work even to this day.

When did you decide to become a writer?
Writers write. I write poetry. So, does that make me a writer or an author? What’s the difference? I think it was around 2001 when I got serious about writing and really pushed myself to write grammatically correct sentences. My wife always told me it lacked the emotion and power that some authors pack into their words. I read more and took classes. Ultimately, I found my way there, but it wasn’t as fast as I’d like.

When writing Horror Poetry did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
Time is always an issue. We never have enough and when we find free time, there is always something or someone else who occupies it. I get frustrated knowing I have a million ideas but until the kids go to sleep or until I wake up do, I truly have “free time” to write. That is when I write best. I am up with the spirits haunting my laptop with frightfully dreadful things. Also, I am older so what frightens me at my age, won’t frighten someone younger. The closer to the grave you get the more you realize that time is of the essence.

What do you like to do when not writing?
I am an artist type. That means that I have an insatiable urge to be creative. It doesn’t always have to be poetry or short stories. It can be painting or playing my guitar. Just something to feed the creative pangs that constantly badger me to do something constructive with my time. I am a father and husband so that occupies quite a lot of my time. I am also a full-time employee too. So, I work a regular job as well as write. Indie authors live a lean life, and at this point there is no way I could do this full-time unless I won the lottery. I am a realist too, I think that it shows.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
Readers interested in my work or knowing more about my work can visit my website (always a work in progress). The url is http://hunterlynn.com. My books can be found on Amazon. I am also on social media but have a small presence there presently. There is only so much time to do all of the necessities to promote a book successfully, so I pick my battles accordingly. Thanks for the interview, I am grateful for this opportunity and appreciate any feedback you wish to share.