Married to the Alien Doctor: Renascence Alliance Series Book 2

Standalone book
Traded. Dru had been traded by her captain to the Alliance Empire. She and the rest of the female crew from the human starship Dakota were to be married off, as the Alliance was suffering from a demographics issue, there weren’t enough Alliance women. Dru didn’t care what kind of problems the Alliance had, she didn’t come this far, in her short life, to end up as a grey, alien man’s slave, no matter how powerful his civilization was. But that was the problem, humans were next to nothing, and the Alliance Empire ruled the galaxy. But Dru has an advantage to aid her escape, she is telepathic.
Ket of Imperial House Vo had not thought much about the human women being brought to the Alliance until his eyes rested on the young red-haired beauty, and he knew it was the gods’ will that she become his wife. He would make her submit to his strict Alliance culture and make her humbly accept her new life in the Empire. He knew from the moment he saw her picture that she was his destiny.
The Alliance Series is set in a fictional future where humans are small-time players in the big-time galaxy. There are no heroes or women being rescued; instead readers are led through an intricate maze of alien courting customs, duplicitous strict religious codes, vicious culture shock and uncomfortable compromises.
Warning, strong scenes of a sexual nature that some readers may find disturbing.