Soldiers' Blood and Bloodied Money: Wars and the Ruling Elites

West Pointer Allen B. Clark (USMA Class of 1963) knows about blood. As an Army officer assigned to Special Forces in clandestine intelligence operations in the Vietnam War, he shed “soldier’s blood” in an enemy mortar attack on his camp in 1967. Blessed with life after surviving the loss of both legs, he returned to life as a veteran who served his country.Subsequent to experiences in a variety of political, public service, and financial endeavors, he began to acquire a keen interest in the real causes of wars and their attendant casualties through history in contrast to the histories written by potentially biased sources. Healing from the emotional issues related to his wounds, he grew in spiritual depth and faith. His extensive and concentrated research over many years motivated him to pen Soldiers’ Blood and Bloodied Money, a hard-hitting work that pulls no punches and exposes the “usual suspects” who have profited from wars and derived their “bloodied money.” Considerable and wide-ranging studies have resulted in this publication, which names the individuals and institutions throughout history who have fostered and fomented horrendous wars, such as arms merchants, religious leaders, politicians, international bankers, media titans, lawyers, and “secret societies.” His findings, from sources published as far back as 150 years ago, will captivate and shock readers. Read this book to grasp the political, financial, business, religious, social, and propaganda-based truths leading to wars with a special focus on the American Revolution, Civil War, Spanish-American War, and the "Banana, Banker, and Oil Wars" in the Americas. He concludes his book with his spiritual approach for veterans to heal from wartime traumas.