Planting Wolves (Author Interview)

Planting Wolves is such an interesting title. How did you come up with it, and what does the title mean?
It’s a phrase I came across that refers to putting certain types of wolves whose population is lessening in places where they can mate and be conserved. Places they would not normally be. They plant them there, like trees or evidence. So many meanings.

What inspired you when writing Planting Wolves?
I’m not sure. It sort of wrote itself. I was the medium. It arrived through me. I did not plan it.

How did you stay motivated to finish the book?
Haha, I’m about sound like a nut- I was motivated by my desire to find out how it ends.

Which of the six protagonists are you the most fond of?
I like the horrible one, Nelly. Her complete absence of empathy and decency is a bad way. She’s fearlessly mean. It’s the confidence and isolation within which she just rips through the page. I love hating her.

When writing Planting Wolves, did anything stand out as particularly challenging?
I just hoped that none of them were all bad or all good. Even Nelly eventually became afraid and I felt for her. I love all these characters and their flaws and good intentions gone wrong. I really wanted you to love them with me.

When did you decide to become a writer?
I didn’t know I was a writer. I was just someone who had always written things down. Stories, memories, people I didn’t know would pop up and need to be written. I eventually had this hope that maybe people other than my friends would read the stories but that thought felt embarrassing and vain.

What do you like to do when not writing?
I really love long walks. Not in nature but on streets. I listen to music, walk, and look at houses and people. Then the writing happens in my mind and later, I put it to paper. Also, I have an eight-year-old daughter so I like her fascinating world. And I also spend time with the people I love. Real concentrated togetherness.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
Well, there isn’t much to find out. My work has been journalistic. I’m writing a new book so perhaps that will be the place to go. I love people and speaking to them. I feel like the way to find out more about my work is to know me. And that’s impossible for a reader. Maybe find me in the book, in between the lines- that’s where the ghost book is. I’ll find you there, too.