Coming Clean (Author Interview)

Coming Clean looks like an incredible biography.  Can you tell us a little about your life?

At 21, he was a drug lord and a millionaire playboy. He made between one and three million dollars a month. He had women, yachts, private jets and mansions all over the world. He had everything and yet he felt miserable.

Jorge Luis Valdés was 20 years old and he dreamed of becoming a millionaire before he was 30. He had everything -technically speaking- to make his dream come true: family, education, a brilliant mind and an enormous capacity for effort and sacrifice. He showed great promise but succumbed to the temptation of money and power. He was seduced by a group of Colombian businessmen and put his financial brain at the service of international drug trafficking. Some years later, the group would be known as the Medellin Cartel. In less than six months, he had become a dangerous drug baron, responsible for 95 percent of the cocaine coming into the United States.

He was faced with prison, torture and betrayal. He envied people who could be happy with a simple life. Today, he enjoys the luxury of being a common man and he shares his testimony to help other people avoid the trap of searching for meaning where there is none.

How long did it take you to write Coming Clean?

I was doing my Ph.D. when I wrote Coming Clean. It took me one year to write the story, and then it took almost a year to edit and the roughest part was promoting the book.

What inspired you when writing Coming Clean? 

Honestly I never wanted to tell my story, when I finished my Ph.D. I was one of five Hispanics with a PhD in New Testament, there was no internet and I just wanted to go off to teach at a prestigious university, I was highly recruited by many, and never tell anyone who I was. I never knew that there be an internet. But, I had an ex-wife constantly threatening me to tell my children and the university who I was if I did not give her what she wanted. One day I said, enough, you do not have to tell them because I will! I will tell the world who I was and let them judge me. This was the most liberating day of my life. 

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Coming Clean?

I was challenged by the fact that I was re-living a life I wanted to forget and worst yet, I was enjoying that life and then feeling horribly guilty

What do you like to do when not writing?

Reading, spending time with my children.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

I urge readers to go to my webpage: and join our community, they will receive a free copy of my latest book:  Narco Mindset – Freedom Edition.

What I do today I do at my own expense. I thank God that I have been very successful and thus debt free and financially secure.  When I could not put my children through college on a professor’s salary, I started a company from scratch and built it into a multi-million dollar international company. I retired in 2010 financially set for life, with no debt, to raise my last two small children. So today, this is a mission for me to change the world. To create a better place for my grand-children to spread a message of hope, and redemption.

In my web page readers can find my blogs, YouTube videos, and weekly podcast:

Coming soon I will be featured in a major tv productions (can not mention any further). Following this feature my Executive Coaching Program will come live in December or January of the following year.  This coaching program is extremely exciting to me as I will train the new up and coming leaders and executives to build a Narco Mindset.  A Narco Mindset is the mindset that help me to overcome ten years of incarceration, tortures, build hundred million dollar empire, earn a Ph.D raise six over-achieving and very successful children. A mindset that will allow these young people to be all that God created them to be, change the world, and overcome any challenge in their lives.

I will be writin more books, a mini series about my life and the future looks glorious.  Most of our proceeds go to send book to the millions of incarcerated men, women and children who are victim of this horrific and useless War on Drugs which is nothing more than a political scheme by politicians to keep our eyes of the real culprits of the drug crisis in America.


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