Keys to Success (Author Interview)

Keys to Success looks like a great motivational and take-charge kind of book.  Who is your target market for the book?
Keys To Success provides powerful encouragement to anyone seeking personal, spiritual, and financial improvement. 

How long did it take you to write Keys to Success?
From when I first conceived the idea to write the book to when it was released took about five years. A lot of the time I was figuring out how to do it. In 2015 I started a local writers group and the members motivated and inspired me to finish it and get it published.

What inspired you when writing Keys to Success?  

I wrote Keys To Success to share insights and strategies of becoming prosperous. I wrote to make a difference, to share affirmations, mantras, and quotes and to help people through my spiritual experiences. 

Why did you decide to become a writer?
When my grandmother Cora passed away, I had to write her obituary. When I was researching her past I was amazed at how successful throughout her life she was. During the funeral, the Pastor was reading her biography full of accomplishments over her eighty years on this earth and he stopped in mid-sentence and look directly at me said... “Kora, write your grandmother's story. You have to do it.” I accepted the challenge. After the funeral, I met with scores of family members to help me put the memories of her life together. Also, with the help of DNA research, I was able to locate over one hundred family members here and abroad to help me piece it all together.

How did you come up with the ideas in Keys to Success?
Over the years, I kept a journal of all my favorite quotes and anecdotes that keep me motivated and inspired to moving forward with my goals for creating prosperity and success.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing Keys to Success?
The only challenge I had was to figure out how much content should be put in the book without doing an information dump. I wanted to write something meaningful that people would incorporate into their daily lives that would make a positive impact on them.

What do you like to do when not writing?
When I am not writing I love spending time with my family. I have over one hundred family members and having potluck dinners on Sundays is our family tradition. Currently, my grandfather is ninety-four years old and my youngest grandchild is nine months old. Spending time with family is priceless.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
The best way to find out more about my work is to Google me - Kora Sadler  or my