Lady Capers (Publication Review)

HUGEOrange Publication Review
Lady Capers

I love short stories! With a busy life and schedule, a collection of good, quirky short stories is just the break I need when I get a moment to relax. Lady Capers is just such a book. This is a lively read with three quite different tales. The protagonist of each is a woman whose personality or ethos you may see in a friend or relative. No superheroes or vampires here, just regular people with regular problems. It’s how they see the issues and how they handle the issues that are interesting.
First up is Mary Jane, who is still traumatized by a social incident that happened years ago. But she lives for the calamities that seem to pop up in her life. She doesn’t actually yearn for them but seems to thrive on them to my eyes. Her long-suffering husband tries to manage her hysteria and drama, but she’s like a runaway train car teetering on the rails.
There wasn’t a simple, ordinary life event Mary Jane couldn’t turn into a twister of worries ready to destroy peace on Earth and melt the polar ice caps to room temperature water. Retirement from her position as the assistant manager at the local clothier, Antonio’s Department Store, and taking residency in the 55+ community of Beacon Acres had only accelerated the volume of invented catastrophes.
The second story is about Emily, a businesswoman whose career path takes a wrong turn. The third is about Anne, a professional chef who has to make big decisions regarding her career, and since a handsome repeat customer begins arriving every Tuesday, her love life.
Making his plate, Anne tinted in recall of their first encounter as she counted the minutes to see him again. In fact, she had spent extra time on her appearance before her shift. Their interactions were professional—well, at least her side, but Anne knew Tuesday would bring a sensation of electricity. To be fair, the cuisine profile did trifle with language. But Anne loved Tuesdays.
The stories are lighthearted, not heavy reading; they are perfect for that diversion you need sometimes. The author, Nina Szudzik, writes, “This short story trilogy is designed for the pace of life, a quick respite from endless bills, household chores, and responsibilities.” I recommend this book for any reader who loves light, humorous tales.