Shattered Life: An AJ Conti Novel (Publication Review)

HUGEOrange Editorial Review

Shattered Life by James A. Bacca

Shattered Life is the sequel to James A. Bacca’s previous novel, Rumor of Death: An A.J. Conte Novel. I advise anyone wanting to read this book to read the first novel first. It will make Shattered Life a bit clearer, although it’s no barrier to enjoying this book on its own. The story revolves around AJ Conti, a detective. He’s up against a killer who sees himself as superior to everyone else and presents a real challenge to catching him because he is rather smart. The killer feels like a victim and has targeted some people he sees as the cause of his vulnerability and suffering in foster care. There are many characters in the novel, lots of things happening. You will get sucked in from the getgo and find this book is hard to put down. There’s a twist that occurs at one point (no spoilers here) that will turn you around and make you dizzy. 

The author does an amazing job of leading the reader in one direction and flipping what they think they know.  Tension is held throughout, which makes it a compelling read.

AJ Conti is a well-developed character that you find yourself supporting and rooting for as a reader. The contrast of Stalker, the villain in the book, helps define the two in a dynamic nature.  Stalker is everything you fear in a bad guy.  Broken through trauma and abuse but superior intellectually and physically while being driven by revenge makes for a very dynamic character.

I recommend this book for anyone who loves a good police drama and a labyrinth path to the conclusion.