Tipping Toward Balance (Author Interview)

Can you tell us a little about the exercises in the book?

The exercise I share have been proven to help with building the core, strengthening and resetting the balancing system in the body. I have been working with clients for balance, core strength, spatial awareness, posture and neurological challenges for almost 20 years. The exercises shared in this book are 8 that I use with most clients. They are great resources for a fall prevention program.

Can you tell us about your background?

I was born and raised in Long Beach California. I had my fitness studio in Huntington Beach CA for over 17 years. When I moved to Oregon in 2013, I rebuild by fitness clientele here.  I went to college for a Fitness Specialist Program in the 90s. I have been advancing my education ever since. One of my goals was to become an educator and an author in the fitness industry. A couple years ago I wrote my firsts book, The Stroke of An Artist, The Journey of a Fitness Trainer and a Stroke Survivor.” It is the journey of a stroke survivor I met when he came into the gym in a walker. I trained him for almost three years. We had an incredible journey working together in his recovery and he really wanted his story shared to help other stroke survivors. He knew just how hard recovery can be.  After that book was published and read around the world, I began receiving calls from caregivers and stroke survivors from all over the world.  I found that there was a worldwide struggle for survivors to find good help and guidance after their physical therapy ends. That is where my book, Stroke Recovery What Now, When Physical Therapy Ends, But Your Recovery Continues.

I was also asked over two years ago to be on the Education Advisory Board for the Medfit Foundation and to write a CEC Course for the Fitness Industry on Stroke Recovery and Exercise.  I wrote the course and then I was asked to teach it lives at Fitness Workshops and at UCI Irvine at the Medical Fitness Tour.

I have happily met the goals of being an educator and an author. I also have recently been asked to host my own radio show on the local radio station here in my town in Oregon. The show is on KXCR 90.7 FM radio on the Oregon coast, but it is also available streaming live at Twitch.tv.

What inspired you to become a writer? 

I always wanted to be a writer. I knew someday I would write a book on the core and muscles, with many muscle illustrations in it. When I worked with the stroke survivor I mentioned earlier in this interview, I just knew it as time. So, I wrote my first book. All my books have a chapter on muscles and knowledge about the body and human movement. My most recent book is a full Anatomy book. The Power of Your Spine, How Back Strength and Posture Pilots the entire Body.

What inspired you when writing Tipping Toward Balance? 

I was inspired to write it by all my contact after my first book, asking me to share more exercises specifically for walking gait and balance. I also was inspired by older clients coming to me sharing that they cannot take hike and walk on the pretty trails here on the Oregon coast due to the fact that they have begun to trip on the tree roots on the trails. A big part of falling is when seniors, people with neurological challenges and/or weakness is because the muscles are week or not getting messages clearly from the brain for taking safe steps and the distance and heights of their footsteps. This is part of spatial awareness. Often lost in seniors and older individuals, especially those who do not exercise or exercise properly.

The age and audience of the readers for this book are often seniors’ people over 50 who have lost or losing their walking gait strength as they are aging. Others are stroke survivors of any age. The ages who need fall prevention, proprioception, new brain pathways and spatial awareness can be from a very young child to and older age. Stroke can happen from infants to the oldest person. 

My readers find out about my books and work by different avenues. Stroke support groups I run online, in person or speak at. All my books are on Amazon and my websites.

Word of mouth is also a very big part of my work as in writing books, course, speaking and personal training clients.

I have two new books coming out in the next couple months. One is on the brain and the other is on stroke recovery for arm movement. Both publishing in 2020.

When I am not writing, I work full time with clients, walk my dog, eat sushi with friends, run two stroke recovery support groups, teach, speak and I try to rest.

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