August in D Minor (Author Interview)

August in D Minor looks like a thrilling suspense book. Can you tell us a little about August Paciorko?  He's a romantic, who likes to thinks he is driven by three great loves: jazz, his wife, and his daughter. If he keeps his life simple and without a lot of excitement he's as close to happy as any curmudgeon can be. And he'll protect his simple life against anyone that he perceives as a threat to his lifestyle.

How did you come up with the story in August in D Minor? I wanted to write a unconventional love story using the themes from neo-noir in an isolated setting that wasn't traditionally associated with the genre.

Any plan to turn the book into a series? Negative.

When did you decide to become a writer? When I joined the United States Army. The person I was before the Army didn't commit.

When writing August in D Minor did anything stand out as particularly challenging? I wrote my book in the span of six years on and off. The challenging thing was getting it to a point where I was happy with my voice.

What do you like to do when not writing? I'm a gym rat that listens to BiggerPockets podcasts and feeds on a broad genre of literature when I'm not plotting to take over the world.

What was an early experience where you learned that language had power? In eighth grade after 9/11 my teacher gave the class a writing assignment. The story could either be made up or based on fact. I wrote a story about losing a loved one during the attack in first person. Fortunately, I didn't lose anyone to that tragedy. In fact, I hadn't lost anyone to a tragedy or even natural causes up to that point in my life. I did read books and viewed movies and felt confidant that I could write a decent story about loss. I wrote the story, I received an A and a heartfelt condolence from my teacher. I was glad for the A and too embarrassed to admit that I made everything up.