A Woman Does It Better (Author Interview)

A Woman Does It Better looks like a great book.  Any plans to turn it into a series?
There’s a rumour that the Youngest Vice President might publish his side of the story - he’s  techie.  And there is The First Man - who has taken a lot as the husband. And others with something to say, so we’ll see.
How long did it take you to write A Woman Does It Better?
It started as an all-nighter inspired story while I was traveling and jet-lagged in Riga, Latvia. (Yes, really!) The editing, revising, changing, taking out, putting in, was done over many, many months.   But determination to get it published occurred in the fall/winter of 2019/2020 when, once again, it became obvious that two old white guys would be competing for the highest office in the land.  How could this really be happening?

What inspired you when writing A Woman Does It Better?   
Few people know of the history of women running for President, stretching back to the 1800’s, most of them have been strong reformers.  As stated in the book, after Hilary Clinton, a Washington insider disconnected to the public pulse and consumed with personal hubris, I wanted a woman who was much more in touch with modernity to tackle the job in a very different way with a real view to changing the world.  Mark Twain’s writing on politicians, again written so long ago, but applicable today, also helped.

Did anything stick out as particularly challenging when writing A Woman Does It Better?
Yes, to keep it POSSIBLE.  Really, making is so that everything in this book could actually happen.  Also, I wanted her to be really smart - but not a smart aleck, so some of the writing had to be changed since it is her speaking throughout.  She has to be someone you would like to have dinner with!

What do you like to do when not writing?
Wish I were writing! Actually, I’m an educator.  I’ve taught English as a Second Language in five countries, from Haiti to Thailand.  I’ve become a fan of traveling too, but mostly to see natural beauty.  (Once you’ve been up the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Khalifa as well as inside the Louvre and the Metropolitan Museum you get more impressed with waterfalls and mountains - as least I have become so!)

Where can readers find out more about your work?
At the website is www.awomandoesitbetter.us - I’ll be blogging, putting up short stories and hopefully announcing the next book to come.  Mostly I’d appreciate ANYONE who reads “A Woman Does It Better” to write a review - it will only help make whatever I write next more interesting.

Thanks for taking time to “talk” to me!
Nancy Omeara
(The Very Lucky Lady)


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