Didn't See This Coming (Author Interview)

BC: Didn’t See This Coming looks like a great African American Fiction Book.  What can you tell us about Loretta?

SC: Didn’t See This Coming is about the life of a young woman named Loretta Mathis whose life changed in the blink of an eye. She was involved in a traumatic event with her unborn child’s father who was at an all high peak in his career as a notorious hustler. This single event altered her one dream of having a family and living happily ever after. After having survived the event and awakening from a five-year coma, Loretta is left to pick up the pieces and begin a new life alone. In her new life, Loretta becomes involved in a relationship that turns out to be more then she had bargained for and she’s not sure she can handle the lifestyle associated with the relationship. She decides that in order to obtain the peace and happiness she deserves she must return to her New York roots. Upon her return, she re-unites with her favorite cousin Sparkles, and quickly returns to the street life that she has so desperately tried to leave. Sparkle introduces her to the key players of the New York streets ultimately leading Loretta right back to the very people who took away her American Dream. Loretta desperately devises her own secret plan for what she considers to be sweet revenge.
She has only one thing to tell her soon to be victims...I bet you Didn’t See This Coming!

BC: How did you come up with the story in Didn’t See This Coming?  

SC: Believe it or not, I don’t plan out anything for my novels...my stories just come to me. I’ll be somewhere and something will hit me, and I’ll grab a piece of paper and jot my thoughts down. When I get a chance, I’ll add it into the story I’m working on at the time. Now, I have also been seen in several clubs with my laptop as well, and I’ll open it up at a table and start typing away. It’s something about the club scene that gives me ideas as well          

BC: Any plans for this to be a series?

SC: I thought about it and I actually put down some framework for it. But I'm so busy writing new stories so it's up in the air. But I will definitely do it if fans requested it. Matter of fact I would entitle it 'What Goes Around Comes Around'

BC: Do you write other literary genres and if so which one’s?

SC: Yes, I do, and they are the traditional Fiction, Folktales, Drama and Poetry

BC: So, it is safe to say we will see other genres by you?

SC: Yes, it is safe to say that. BUT I will go under various synonym.

BC: What’s the reasoning for the different synonym?

SC: Two reason’s the first is because if someone read a book that I wrote that was fiction and they didn’t like it and I wrote an Erotica book they won’t give that book a chance. Secondly say I write, a  Fictional book and my erotic scenes were too much, and a parent sees a book that I wrote for teens they might not want their child reading my stuff. This is not an assumption  I’m speaking from experience. There is a scene in Didn’t See This Coming that someone that was a Christian that I knew said she was shocked to read that knowing she has read some of my Christian literary work. So, I decided to just change my name for each of those genres I will be writing for.

BC: If you could change one thing relating to your literary career, what would it be?

SC: The things I would change about my literary career would be to choose the people I do business with. And remember, just because someone else had a good experience with a person doesn’t mean I would have the same good experience, and vice versa. That brings me back to my own theory of my priorities aren’t everyone else’s. I would also change the fact that my father wasn’t here to see my accomplishments. I love you and miss you

BC: What do you like to do when not writing?

SC: At the present moment I'm in a wheelchair due to a motor vehicle accident I had in August 2019 and I'm on the mend right now. So, I've been writing like crazy and finishing projects I started and hadn't finished. But prior to that I was training in Bujinkan Ninjutsu, Brazilian Juijutsu, and To Shin Do Ninjutsu and that’s what I was doing when I wasn’t writing.

BC: Where can readers find out more about your work?

SC: You can find my work at Amazon.com/author/scdickens

BC: What are your social Media links?

SC: Facebook: Author S C Dickens
Instagram: scdickens
Twitter: @author_sc

BC: Is there anything else you would like to share?

SC: Actually, there are two things I want the literary world to know; of a new writer named D.G. Del Valle and she is the author of Dawn’s Light and Love's Deadly Desire that will soon hit the streets (Stop being scared and release them). And lastly, I’m putting the literary world on notice. If you have a literary crown, protect it because I am coming.