Humanity's Guide to Prosperity (Author Interview)

Humanity’s Guide to Prosperity looks like a great financial guide.  What will readers get out of your book?
I would hope that the readers would get a better understanding of how their finances work and how stewardship works and they can achieve any financial goal they want, but at a minimum they should get better understanding of how to spend a dollar, why their children’s education is important, and how being a servant or steward for God can not only change their lives but their children’s lives and others around them as well.

How did you come up with the ideas and concepts in Humanity’s Guide to Prosperity?  
All the ideas and concepts within the book is knowledge that I have acquired over time. I myself was struggling at one time financially and after reading and learning all that I could and becoming financially independent. I wondered why there wasn’t one book that had a majority of the answers to achieving your financial goals in a way that not only helps the reader but helps to make this world a better place and Humanity’s Guide to Prosperity was created.

What inspired you when writing Humanity’s Guide to Prosperity?   
As I talked about before the inspiration was to take many sources of information and put that into one place so that the reader would not have to purchase as many books as I did to find the answers. Now the biggest motivator was this epidemic that we find ourselves currently living in. I wanted to make sure there was a beacon of hope that many people could turn to help themselves instead of waiting for someone to rescue them.

When writing Humanity’s Guide to Prosperity did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  
When I reflect back there is not any one thing that stands out as far as information other than did I put enough information in the book or did I put too much information in the book. I tried to keep things in context and reduce the amount of opinions  and keep the facts. I know one thing that was particularly challenging was that I am not a book writer by trade so that made things interesting. I relied on what I would expect from a book and I believe that it was achieved.

What do you like to do when not writing?
Well since this is my first book and I can promise you that I enjoyed it and there will be more to come. Usually when I am not writing I am the Chief Financial Officer for Jp Chrones & Co. We (Jp Chrones & Co.) assist Individuals, Couples, and Business’ with their finances utilizing Bible Based Financial Principles. I volunteer at my church and run a mentoring program for veterans.

Where can readers find out more about your work?
The easiest way to find out more would be to go to our website on there not only is the book available in our resource page but more information on our company is there and we are always ready to serve anyone that may need help to achieve their financial goals.