Kingdom of Bahrain (Author Interview)

Kingdom of Bahrain: Political Review looks like an in-depth look into Bahraini politics.  What motivated you to write the book?

           As a fulltime Political Consultant and a researcher I always struggled to source credible information on elections analysis, MP’s performance, and political history. By making such information available in one publication I know I did a huge favor to many proffessionals seeking such data.

What will readers get out of your book?

            I’m certain they will find it rich and very informative. The Book contains certain parts of Bahrain’s history that were never documented before, let alone in English. They will surely get a better understanding of what Bahrain is really like, and get a closer look on specific incidents that changed the course of history on the island. As well, detailed elections data, history of legislations, Constitutional amendments, Human Rights, Women Rights progress and a detailed timeline of Iran’s intervention record in Bahrain’s affairs.   

What inspired you when writing Kingdom of Bahrain: Political Review?   

            Two things did; one was the amount of information that those who took part in reshaping Bahrain that are not documented, made me feel obliged to interview them in person to understand the reason behind the deciesions, and the rationale behind the headlines. Some of them passed away later, and I feel lucky now that I spent time with such pioneers while they were among us.

The second reason was always the well to present my country’s unbiased political history in one book. Since almost everything else that was written before was either politicized or missing a lot of information.  Therefore we made sure this book presents actual facts and not heresay, as we kept our opinions to ourselves, to deliver the first comprehensive publications of it’s kind.

When writing Kingdom of Bahrain: Political Review did anything stand out as particularly challenging?  

            The biggest challenge of all was certainly the availability of data. Many claimed to know or to have proof of their claims, but very few agreed to share them. Another challenge was the inconsistency of the information itself. Both challenges made things harder for us to collect and exmine. A major example were the Municipal elections results of 2002; each newspaper published differint numbers. We actually called and met the candidates to clarify the information individually and came out with accurate information never seen before in result.  

What do you like to do when not writing?

            I have always been a family man, I enjoy my time with family. I do as well enjoy reading, beside watching good TV shows, movies and am a big Music enthusiast. The West Wing was always a major drive for me to get into politics. Performers like Dean Martin and BB King somehow shaped my taste for finer things too.

Where can readers find out more about your work?

            Everything is available on our website, and are available on most platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.