Healthy Living (Author Interview)

Healthy Living looks like a helpful book.  What can you tell us about the 7-step program?

The 7 steps are a guidance to your true purpose in this life. What you want to be, do, or have whilst here in this physical presence.

Having knowledge of these 7 steps and through practice of them, you will understand everyday experiences and why they occurred, that without any practice you would simply overlook and not even notice. Eventually over time these practices will allow you to choose what experiences you have, because the more you notice them and know you created them, the more you want them.

Harmonising your thoughts through affirmations, meditation and gratitude reduces the stresses and strains you put into your life with the everyday of living in a world where we are pressured to think certain ways just to fit in.

When your mind is in harmony you are in tune with everything and your thoughts and life flow the way want. You feel good and you feel grateful. Your life starts to improve around you as if it is all by chance. Your body not just heals better, it feels better and in turn improves your overall outlook.

The 7 steps in this book are written to take the reader on a journey to reach and discover a potential inside themselves that will allow them to experience their true purpose with less negative restrictions holding them back.

How did you come up with the concepts in Healthy Living?

Brought up in a one shop town, choosing to live a healthy lifestyle was very restrictive. I sure many of you understand here. Processed packet and tinned food rules the shelves.

It is getting better and easier now a days with the internet and more and more people becoming conscious of what goes into the food we eat before it reaches the shops.

My last book “Healthy living: The ultimate guide” teaches how eating and living healthy can be affordable, fun, and easy to do. A concept that stops so many from forming a healthy life. Healthy living: “7 steps to get your mind to heal and transform body” is the next and ultimate stage in creating the life you dream of.

Healthy living takes more than just eating correctly and exercise. Healthy living is living a fulfilling, productive and happy existence with yourself, others and what you what to be, do and have.

What will readers get out of your book?

I didn’t want a 400-page book on self-improvement only to have some readers like myself to forget what the first few chapters were about. A simple quote can inspire someone to change their life.

The purpose of this book is not just to give inspiration and motivation to an individual to live their ideal reality, but to guide and offer tools that will encourage a belief in themselves.

These steps are tools that if practiced with a knowing and wanting of how your life should be can greatly improve your entire life, physically, mentally and spiritually and when you have total belief in yourself, the world is your oyster.

With the structure being easy to follow, it is very readable.

The steps are easy to practice and enjoyable.

After practice they are easy to adopt and with all making it very achievable.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

Ok, well, I would like to think of myself as a bit of a travel aficionado and skilled navigator. While most people would fly to their destinations, I love to do otherwise. No matter the distance, I either go by land or sea.

I have travelled to some of the remotest corners of the planet and organized overland expeditions and worked as a tour guide and an overland driver just to fulfil my passion for living and experiencing as much as possible.

My study of alternative medicine was not intentional at the beginning. Martial arts was in my blood and studied it intensely. To improve the taijutsu I practiced, I went to study osteopathy at the Manchester metropolitan university for 3 years just to learn how the body moved and could be manipulated. However, through this practice I found another love and progressed in other areas of alternative medicine, including cranial osteopathy, Amatsu, kinesiology and energy healing.

25 years on, I need to share my knowledge, both as a therapist and a martial artist not just to help more people but to keep growing and improving. After all that is what I vowed to myself may years ago and the better you get the more you have to give.

There is a quote I’d like to say to anyone reading this book:
 I love to travel because when you travel you spend longer on the highest vibrational plane and more connected to everything than at any other time".
Where can readers find out more about your work?

Readers can find lots of articles, tools and information to help get them living their ideal life at:

Also, the Facebook page:


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